Fast, efficient concrete pumping that saves you time & money

Concrete pump hire is simply the most efficient and fastest way to place concrete. It replaces dumpers, wheelbarrows, cranes and buckets. It reduces the amount of labour on-site needed for the job, and cuts down on the waiting time for mixer trucks. More cubic metres can be placed than any other method, and as an extra advantage, spillages are also kept to a minimum, so wastage is reduced.

Problast concrete boom pumps and static line pumping trucks are operated by qualified staff who are experts in placing the concrete in difficult and poor access areas. The concrete can be placed over, under or behind obstacles that would make other delivery methods impossible. The boom truck has a 16.5m long remote controlled three-sectional boom and can pump distances of up to 120m or more with rubber and steel pipes laid on the ground. The pumping is extremely fast: six cubic metres can be placed in minutes.

Concrete calculator

If you need any technical help on concrete pumping, we have experienced staff on hand to offer advice on your project. They can also calculate the quantity of concrete you will need, making the process as simple as possible. Just call our team on 01453 826344   /  07725 251991  or  email us:

What we need from you:

  • Your location
  • What needs to be pumped, e.g. footings / floor slabs
  • Date and time
  • Distance from where the pump is set up to the furthest point of concrete pour
  • 1 bag of cement for every 30m of concrete pipe line
  • Details of your concrete supplier (or see our recommended concrete suppliers)
  • Make sure that the concrete supplier is aware it has to go through a concrete pump (i.e. PUMP MIX)
  • Your water supply